Terms and Conditions

I hereby apply for myself and/or on behalf of my child to participate in
equestrian programmes or activities organised or operated by your Riding
Establishment. I attach to this application the completed form giving details
of my and/or child’s riding experience which I understand will form the basis
of the agreement between me and the Riding Establishment.
I do hereby acknowledge and accept the following:
1. That all sporting activities have an element of danger and riding is
no exception.
2. That I or my child may suffer serious personal injury as well as loss
of property as a result of exposure to risks and hazards associated
with riding as a sport.
3. I hereby agree to abide by all rules and regulations laid down by the
Riding Establishment, I hereby agree that:
a. I and/or my child will wear approved head gear and suitable
clothing and footwear when riding;
b. I and/or my child will follow all instructions meticulously.
4. I understand clearly that by accepting the Riding Establishment’s
terms and signing this agreement, I am accepting the risks. I will
exercise due care and attention. It is my decision whether or not to
carry insurance against loss.
I and/or my child acknowledge and accept that riding is a risk sport. I
acknowledge that this Establishment may use my address and telephone
number to contact me in the future. The information will not be shared by
any other party.
I agree that photographs or recorded images may be taken during or at
AIRE related activities, which may include myself or my child, may be used
in the promotion of this centre.


Terms and Conditions:

1. The proprietors and management reserve the right to refuse an applicant permission to ride at this establishment.

2. Regulation headwear, footwear and clothing must be worn. Headwear and footwear brought by clients may be examined by management for suitability. All instructions from management and staff must be meticulously followed in the interest of safety.

3. Horses will be matched to riders in accordance with riders experience.

4. Riders are recommended to have Personal Accident Insurance Cover.

5. Upon arrival you should immediately clean your hands with disinfectant (alcohol-based hand rub). We will endeavour to provide hand sanitiser around the facilities but you should also bring your own.

6. Check in advance which arena you have made the reservation for and follow the corresponding parking signs upon arrival. 5 minutes before your allocated time you can enter the parking lot by vehicle, tack up your horse and head to the arena you have rented i.e. the indoor, grass or sand arena

7. You can make changes to the names of the rider and/or groom up to 8pm the evening before your booking. Only people with their names submitted on your reservation will be allowed to enter Broadmeadow Equestrian Centre.

8. As soon as you have finished your training please leave Broadmeadow Equestrian Centre immediately and before the end of your time slot.
There will be no wash down facilities at the moment - please bring your own water, buckets etc

9. If it is your very first time riding you must complete, print out and bring this registration and waiver from with you to the lesson. Click on the link here to view and print out the form - registration from.


The establishment is approved and makes every reasonable effort to ensure the safety of the rider but in the interest of providing a good and reasonable service without fear of unreasonable claims for injuries, we do require the following disclaimer to be accepted as part of the conditions of riding at this establishment:

"The proprietor/s, management and employees of this establishment shall not be liable for nor shall they accept responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage sustained by any person or persons (including customer/rider) whether arising under the express or implied terms of this contract, whether direct or indirect and including consequential losses arising out of any of the activities of this establishment or in any other way whatsoever which does not arise from any neglect act or omission of the proprietors/s / management/ employees."

I understand clearly that by accepting the riding establishments terms and conditions of this agreement I am accepting that there are risks and must exercise due care and caution.

Cancellation Policy

A booking that has been purchased on our website can only be cancelled before 2pm, the day before your lesson is set to commence.

If a booking is cancelled in the timeframe allowed, a credit for their purchase/s will be given to the customer to use at a later date.

No cash refunds are possible. 

If a customer does not show up to the lesson/event and has not cancelled his/her booking within the allowed time frame, this will count as a "no show" and no credit/refund can be given.

Covid-19 guidelines

Bio-secure Protocol for ECVOA Centres on Schooling, Training and Show days.

 All riders entering will be asked to confirm that they and their staff have read these protocols and will fully co-operate with the Covid 19 Compliance Officer on site. 

Attendees are required to bring their own supply of anti Covid 19 disinfectant materials for their personal use. 


The Equestrian sector is aware of the major public health threat posed by the Covid 19 pandemic and the importance of the measures we must take to reduce transmission of the virus. 

We realise that Ireland may have to live with this virus for many months, or longer, and there will have to be a new norm for doing business and for social interactions. We realise that person to person transmission through close contact, and environmental contamination with viral laden droplets, are the main contributing factors to viral transmission. We think our sport is amenable to physical separation and this, coupled with environmental sanitation and good hygiene, should enable us reduce the likelihood of transmissions. Equestrian sport lends itself to complying with the necessary physical separation to prevent viral transmission. 

In reopening our Equestrian Venues we are introducing protocols for venues across Ireland in a phased manner and all will be adhering to Government guidelines. We have introduced additional measures, unique to equestrian sport, for your safety. 

Please watch the short accompanying video to familiarise your party with these protocols. 

Phase 1 – May 18th.  Centres propose to re-open, subject to Government permission.

Bookings will open for arena hire, subject to a maximum of 4 participants. 

  • Private Schooling slots on-line with venues directly. 
  • Private training slots for coaches and riders to book on-line directly with venues. 
  • No catering services.

Phase 2 – June 8th 

Bookings will be open as above for private schooling with the addition of

  • Organised Schooling days adhering to protocols on numbers.
  • Catering services  – take out only.

Phase 3 – June 29th 

Bookings will open as above for private schooling and schooling days with the addition of

  • Organised venue training shows or leagues, with the possibility for Affiliated events, all  behind closed doors.  Numbers to be restricted to guidelines published at the time by Government. These may include all disciplines, and catering with restrictions outlined below such as takeaway only.  No spectators or additional family members except riders, drivers, grooms etc.

Phase 4 – July 20th 

All above activities with addition of

  • Possibility of National events in conjunction with all disciplines and affiliates as venues wish to host.

Phase 5 – Aug 10th 

All above activities with the addition of 

  • Full calendar activities within the new normality including stabling and catering functioning with full access. Spectators within guidelines of social distancing until further notice.

Should any phased dates be adjusted by Government, our timeline will be amended in accordance with these changes. 

ECVOA Protocols


At the time of entry any person displaying symptoms associated with Covid-19 (Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath or Breathing Difficulties), people who have been in close contact of a confirmed case, people who are considered in a high-risk group, or those caring for somebody in a vulnerable category  should not attend.

The new norm will involve greater segregation and physical separation than heretofore. As a result, as phases allow, events may have to be smaller and, to maintain separation, may have to run slower.

Infrastructural changes will be provided to toilets, walk ways, carparks, seating areas etc to ensure physical separation is possible but also simple to comply with.

There will be no tolerance of non compliance and everyone will receive instructions with their entry to inform them of what will be required of them.

Any individual found in breach of the guidelines will be asked to leave and will be barred from participation at future events.

The following protocols have been developed in order to safeguard the health of our attendees and staff, to minimise the amount of time the attendees spend at any equestrian venue and to ensure that minimal contact between attendees at equestrian venues during schooling, training or competition days is achieved, consistent with Department of Health, HSE and other Government guidelines.

  1. Sanctions. PHASE 1 onwards
  1. Should attendees refuse to co-operate with the Covid 19 Compliance Officer and the venue owner on matters relating to social distancing or other anti Covid 19 protocols, they will be asked to leave and banned from future events.
  1. Preparation of the venue prior to re-opening.  PHASE 1 onwards
  1. Official Dept of Health signage posted at entrances and along entrance and exit routes as well as at critical points.
  2. Entrance and Exit routes clearly marked where applicable. 
  3. Parking spaces should be allocated prior to arrival of the attendees.  A minimum distance of 5M should be observed between vehicles.
  4. Stables and viewing area closed off.
  5. Social distancing marks painted on ground at Critical Points eg. Show Office, toilets, catering outlets.
  6. Catering facilities will not be made available during Phase 1 of reopening and updates will be circulated should this change. 
  7. Protective Screens placed at Show Office (however minimum or no contact should be required at show office in early phases of opening).
  8. Hygiene Stations, stocked with hand washing facilities and spray bottles of disinfectant, paper rolls etc, will be strategically located.
  1. Competition Entries – PHASE 1 onwards 

a) All bookings for schooling, training or shows will be done online as phases allow. Please see individual venues for their relevant online systems or to be directed to affiliated sites.

b) Entry fees will be pre-paid where possible.

  1. Start Lists. – PHASE 1  onwards

Will be circulated for bookings of schooling or training sessions and (in later phases), shows. Start Lists will

a) Include start time of class, number of competitors, running order and will be capable of being edited in order to facilitate competitors with multiple entries where appropriate. 

b) Allow 2.5 minutes for each horse, 10 minutes for course change.

c) The pre competition course walks will only allow a limited number of competitors in the arena at any one time to ensure adequate physical separation.

d) Start lists will be posted on the show website the day before competition or as stated on time of booking.

  1. Arrival at Show – PHASE 1 onwards 
  1. On arrival at the Vehicle Park the attendee will be directed to their pre-allotted space. 
  2. Minimum of 5 metres between vehicles.
  3. Use the facilities at the Hygiene Station provided.
  4. The attendee will be advised in advance of their route to warm up arena and given a general brief of the precautions currently in place for their protection. This is given at the time of booking on-line by reading the protocols and watching the video provided. 
  5. Horses are to be tacked up at the vehicle parking area. Parties that travelled together should ensure to keep within your group and ensure all activities with your horses are maintained within this group 
  1. Warm up arena.- PHASE 3 onwards 
  1. Maximum of 6 horses in the warm up area.
  2.   Warm up will not be required at this level until phase 3 of these protocols with schooling phases using the booked arena for warm up purposes  
  3. Vertical and Oxer warm up fences will be provided. The central median for grooms to stand in while horses are warming up will be adapted to ensure social distancing guidelines can be observed at all times. 
  4. Physical separation must be observed in warm up area. 
  5. Multiple warm up areas may be provided, if available.
  6. Hygiene Stations with hand washing facilities and spray bottles of disinfectant, paper rolls etc, will be strategically located in the vicinity of the warm up area.
  7. Venue staff will regularly spray down the practice fences with disinfectant solution.
  1. Warm Down Area and Wash Bay. – PHASE 1 onwards. 
  1. Maximum of 6 horses in the Warm Down area. 
  2. Vacate as soon as possible and leave by designated route to Wash Bay.
  3. One combination only in Wash Bay; quick hose down and vacate as soon as possible.
  4. All equipment to be rubbed down with disinfectant by departing groom.
  5. Hygiene station to be regularly checked and re-stocked, as necessary.
  6. Horses can be rugged up and walked off in vehicle Park area, prior to loading and departure.

        PHASE 3 onwards – Details for 8, 9 and 10 will be published on the venue website FOR PHASE 3, when applicable. 

  1. Competition Arena. 
  2. Catering on site 
  3. Judges, Officials 
  1. Public Address System. 
  1. Government Health warnings as related to Covid 19 will be played on a continuous loop, every 30 minutes, over the venues PA system.
  2. Any additional messages from the Covid 19 Compliance Officer can be relayed to the attendees over this system. 

Data Protection 

Broadmeadow Equestrian Centre fully respects the right of its customers to privacy under Data Protection legislation.

All personal information will be processed strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Acts.

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